Natalie Schachar

Natalie Schachar is an editorial intern at Tablet. A recent graduate of Barnard College, she has written for the Times of Israel, The Atlantic, The Argentina Independent and Lilith Magazine.

Watch Mila Kunis’ Best Interview Ever

The Jewish actress improvises with a rookie BBC reporter

Sundown: Iranian Commander Killed in Lebanon

Plus, the Silverman sisters are still the bomb

Brooklyn College to Launch BDS Event Inquiry

New developments from last week’s controversial panel

Pro-Israel Students Ousted from BDS Event

Brooklyn College’s controversial event churns out more controversy

Israel’s Deaf-Blind Theater Ensemble Arrives

Nalaga’at gives American theatergoers a new experience

The 2012 Jewish National Book Awards

A Tablet favorite Jewish Jocks is among the winners

Bridging Cultural Gaps with Playboy

The notorious American magazine is coming to Israel

Egypt Says Israel Stole Sand

The country wants a reasonable $500 billion for Israel’s years in Sinai

Harvey Shapiro (1924-2013)

Journalist, poet and New York Times editor dies at 88

Bulgaria Bus Bombing Investigation Bumbles On

Lead investigator in the unsolved case was fired

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