The Washington Post Reviews “Betraying Spinoza”

“Rebecca Goldstein aims to show how much his heritage nonetheless pervades his later thought. To do this, she offers both a precis of Spinoza’s life and work and a history of her fascination with both.”

Tikkun Magazine Reviews “The Life of David”

“Pinsky has written an immediately absorbing and beautifully written introduction to the best-loved and by far the most charismatic of all biblical kings: David Melech Israel.”

The Washington Post Reviews “The Life of David”

“Robert Pinsky reminds us in his enriching The Life of David , the drama of David’s life is not limited to his youth but extends throughout his 70 years.”

The San Francisco Chronicle Reviews “The Life of David”

“Pinsky’s language and insights are gorgeous, as we have come to expect from his poetry and his prose about poetry, and one finishes “The Life of David” with a sense of King David as a Shakespearean figure.”

The New York Times Reviews “The Life of David”

“Pinsky’s characterological insights are unfailingly interesting, his literary arguments invariably astute. Corners of the David myth light up with the glow of his imagination.”

The Jerusalem Post Reviews “Rashi”

“One comes away from Rashi with a clear sense – despite reading the book in translation – that Wiesel took on this project with much enthusiasm and curiosity. For an octogenarian author of more than 50 books of fiction and nonfiction, such undimmed literary passion is admirable indeed.”

The Jewish Tribune Reviews “Rashi”

“A beautifully written compact layman’s overview of the subject with more than a few dollops of historical insights and comments.”

The Washington Post Reviews “Rashi”

Maggie Anton Reviews “Rashi”

“What is impressive is how beautifully Wiesel gives us a glimpse at what lies behind Rashi’s greatness, a taste of Rashi’s erudition and vast corpus of work.”

The Smithsonian Reviews “A Fine Romance”

“A Fine Romance, then, reads as a sort of love letter from a contemporary poet to a generation of composers and wordsmiths.”

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