San Francisco Chronicle Reviews “Maimonides”

“Nuland does a marvelous job of explaining the life, times and work of the Spanish-born rabbi whose 12th century codification of Jewish laws, guide to spiritual advancement and synthesis of science and religion made him an iconic figure not just in Jewish history but also in the history of medicine and the development of modern philosophy.”

New York Sun Reviews “Betraying Spinoza”

“Rebecca Goldstein, a professor of philosophy and also a novelist, manages to write both a popular biography that explains Spinoza’s thought with considerable seriousness and a philosophic biography that is a remarkably good read.”

The New York Observer Reviews “Betraying Spinoza”

“Ms. Goldstein, author of The Mind-Body Problem (1983), brings to that difficult task the skills of a novelist: the skill, above all, of vividly imagining the life of another human being, and the skill of being able to evoke that life by her words…beautifully crafted.”

Tikkun Magazine Reviews “Marc Chagall”

“Jonathan Wilson’s brief, perceptive, and affable biography of Chagall may not add a significant dimension to our appreciation of Chagall, but its spirited concision and thematic inclusiveness make it a perfect introduction to the life and works of the enigmatic artist.”

The Boston Globe Reviews “Marc Chagall”

“Wilson gives us a feeling as well for Chagall, the man: his dandyish ways, self-assurance, passion for Bella. But above all, Wilson inspires us to forget about the fame and look afresh at the work.”

The Jerusalem Post Reviews “The Jewish Body”

“The result is a dense, entertaining text comprised of a variety of topics that ordinarily might not appear between the covers of the same book…it ultimately pushes readers to consider the Jewish people, past and present, in a new light.”

Policy Review Praises “Betraying Spinoza”

“Never purporting to know more about faith or reason than that to which she is entitled by her argument and evidence, Goldstein enlarges our understanding of Spinoza and the varieties of Jewish faith.”

The Forward Reviews “Betraying Spinoza”

“Goldstein has written a delightful book, one that manages to be nimble and playful while also doing justice to the demanding nature of Spinoza’s philosophy.”

Harper’s Magazine Reviews “Betraying Spinoza”

“While Goldstein the philosopher can be counted on to fill us in on Torquemada and Marranos, on Descartes and Leibniz, on Calvinism and kabbala, on idol worship and ‘radical objectivity,’ Goldstein the novelist wonders what it felt like to be shunned by your own brother, and whether a woman did him wrong. So do we.”

Salon Reviews “Betraying Spinoza”

“Elegant…splendid… Goldstein (whose book belongs to a series of short volumes on Jewish thought) wants to reclaim Spinoza’s famously dismissive attitude toward notions like ethnic identity as a paradoxically Jewish position.”

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