New York Sun Reviews “Barney Ross”

“It is not often that a modern biography ennobles not only its subject but the genre itself, but this is exactly what Mr. Century has accomplished, crafting a narrative as unsparing and inspiring as its subject.”

Publishers Weekly Reviews “Marc Chagall”

“Wilson (A Palestine Affair) is an incisive, lively writer.”

The New York Times Reviews “Barney Ross”

“This is an excellent story of a man and his times. And proof positive that time does not relinquish its hold over men or monuments.”

The Jerusalem Post Reviews “Marc Chagall”

“…a wonderfully easy read and sums up a long and complicated life.”

The Forward Reviews “Emma Lazarus”

“Esther Schor’s intelligent, passionate and deeply sympathetic literary biography argues that Lazarus is a vitally important — even prophetic — writer, ‘more of our time than her own.’”

Publishers Weekly Reviews “Emma Lazarus”

“While readers may not embrace Lazarus’s poetry—it bears all the ponderous, orotund tendencies of its time—they will come to agree with Schor’s assessment that Lazarus was a woman we might have liked to know.”

The New York Times Reviews “Emma Lazarus”

“…a sympathetic and balanced life of Lazarus.”

The Jerusalem Post Reviews “Maimonides”

“Studying Maimonides’s biography and writings gives us a glimpse into the role of the often persecuted Jewish doctor in the medieval Islamic and Christian worlds.”

The Washington Post Reviews “Maimonides”

“Other writers have taken up the many intellectual challenges thrown down by Maimonides’ life-long effort to make Jewish law and learning as intellectually orderly and convincing as ancient Greek philosophy. But Nuland connects with a more emotional Maimonides, a human figure with familiar frailties and feelings.”

The New York Times Reviews “Maimonides”

“[Nuland’s] book remains a deeply satisfying and humane introduction to the greatest of Jewish thinkers.”

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