Michael Weiss

Security Council Boosts Non-Proliferation

Good news for Israel

Arab States Offer Relations, Flyovers, Travel

If Israel halts settlements, U.S. official says

U.S. Should Shoot Down Israeli Planes

If Israel tries to attack Iran, Brzezinski says

Remembering Irving Kristol

‘Journal,’ ‘TNR,’ Podhoretz, others eulogize

Israel Tries to Gather Allies

To help shake off the Goldstone Report

Where Islamism Meets Authoritarian Socialism

At anti-Semitism, of course

HRW Suspends Nazi-Collecting Analyst

Pending an investigation

Jewish Leaders Hit the Hill

Lobbying Congress for tougher sanctions on Iran

A Palestinian Peace Accord

Between Fatah and Hamas, that is

Israel Approves Settlement Construction

Seen as a sop to right-wing parties

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