Michael Weiss

Fatah Gives Up on Obama

According to memo obtained by AP

Israel’s D.C. Embassy Slaps Down J Street

Bad PR for the left-leaning Israel lobby group

Peres, Wiesel Congratulate Obama

Citing hope, intellect, blackness

Why Bibi Was Right to Refute Iranian Holocaust Denial

Oren explains in ‘TNR’

Israel Is ‘Lighting Matches’ in Jerusalem

Charges Erekat, dimming hopes for peace deal

Benjamin Disraeli, Modern Icon?

Simon Doonan Says So

Iran-Style Anti-Semitism Spreading in Latin America

First Venezuela, now Honduras

Goldstone Report Won’t Go to Security Council

But it might mean the end of limited Israel wars

Is Israel at Risk

Of joining the Third World?

U.S. Jews Still Support Obama on Israel

But less than they do Netanyahu, and less than they did in November

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