Marjorie Ingall

Marjorie Ingall, a Life & Religion columnist for Tablet Magazine, is the author of The Field Guide to North American Males and the co-author of Hungry.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev: To Kill or Not to Kill?

Seeking answers about justice from my late father

Hummus: Hu Are You? Hu Hu, Hu Hu?

The classic dip is now a bastardized monstrosity with an identity crisis

Alternatives to Supporting Floyd Mayweather, a Serial Abuser of Women

It costs $99 to watch the boxing champ on Saturday. Spend it elsewhere.

The Jewish Lessons We Can Learn From a 10-year-old With Cancer

Maya Rigler beat cancer once; now she’s fighting again and raising money for research

The Art of Jewish Hair

A fascinating New York City museum exhibit looks at black women’s hair and nails. Don’t wait for the Jewish version.

Raising Little Jewish Feminists

How do we teach kids that gender equality is fabulous?

The 12 Jewiest Non-Words You Should Be Using Right Now

Because every Jew needs inventive language for situations involving anxiety, misery, disaster, melancholy, and your bubbe’s saliva

Where are the Jews on the Banned Books List?

Only one Jewish author on American Library Association annual list

Enough With the Holocaust Books for Children!

Yes, we need to teach kids about our history. But our history constitutes a lot more than one tragic event.

Seders in Uniform: How American Troops Celebrated Passover During WWII

Whether in the mess hall or on a battleship, Jewish soldiers stationed all over the world still sang the Four Questions and ate matzo

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