Marissa Brostoff

Marissa Brostoff, a doctoral student in English at the CUNY Graduate Center, is a former staff writer at Tablet and the Forward.

Singing Sensation

Moishe Oysher, a midcentury cantor and performer, is enjoying an unexpected second act

Does Israel Belong at Gay Pride?

Upcoming Toronto parade begs question

Sundown: Drake Smacks Down Matisyahu

Plus, what’s new with the Palestinians, and a Talmudic inquiry

Boycotting Hits the Mainstream

‘Forward’ and J Street folks debate tactics with lefties

An Unaffiliate Stands Before the Law

Blogging Joshua Cohen’s ‘Witz’

The Strangest Shabbos You’ve Ever Seen

Blogging Joshua Cohen’s ‘Witz’

Can You Go on Birthright Just for the Free Airfare?

‘The Ethicist’ weighs in!

Teachable Moment

The limits of a cross-denominational partnership aimed at helping Jewish educators

The Yiddish Robin Hood

New musical has a greedy Jew, but in the neighborly way

Daybreak: Israel Begins Deporting Flotilla Activists

And the fallout continues

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