Liel Leibovitz

Liel Leibovitz is a senior writer for Tablet Magazine.

Paris’ March of Folly

Inclusion of leaders like Abbas and Turkey’s Davutoglu turned a symbolic moment into a farce

The Knicks Are the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict of Basketball

In both Madison Square Garden and the Promised Land, there’s something instructive about watching men battle despair

The IDF Doesn’t Do Snowdays

Amid snowstorm, army makes sure students take their exams on schedule

Je Suis Charlie

The massacre in Paris and the freedom to say stupid things

Why Jewish Fathers Are the Opposite of TV Dads

Forget our perfect models; what we need is a dose of Jewish dadhood

U. of Illinois: Donors Didn’t Derail Salaita Hiring

Report finds ‘no evidence’ job offer was revoked due to donor pressure

Israel’s Labor Party Roiled by Demands To Out a Closeted Gay MK

The left is bitterly divided about whether lawmakers should be allowed to keep their sexual orientation private

The Israeli Election Flow Chart

A guide to what will probably happen

Video Game Pioneer Ralph Baer Saw Play as a Religious Experience

Having fled the Nazis as a boy, he built his own technological utopia

Palestinian Minister Dies After IDF Confrontation

Ziad abu Ein collapsed during West Bank protest, died en route to hospital

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