Liel Leibovitz

Liel Leibovitz is a senior writer for Tablet Magazine.

The Greatest Children’s TV Pioneer You’ve Never Heard Of

Betty Misheiker, who died recently at 96, created hazy, imaginative masterpieces in South Africa and Israel

We’re All Racists Now

The new culture of progressive right-think may be even worse for Jews—and liberalism—than Obama’s Iran deal

Kimye’s Israel Itinerary

Some travel tips for Mr. and Mrs. West while they’re in the Holy Land

At NYU, BDS Goes Stealthy

Divestment movement on campus attempts to link Israel and fossil fuels


The uproars around Indiana’s new law and Scientology’s alleged abuses show how poorly we understand religious freedom

The One Website You Should Visit This Passover is crowdsourcing liberty around the world

The Party for Israel Season Begins

The more precarious the political situation, the rowdier the festivities

How To Look at Troubling Pictures

A comic book controversy reopens an ancient debate on graven images and moral responsibility

Can the Israeli Left Ever Win Again?

Not unless it gets rid of some very bad ideas

Times Flubs Israel’s Elections, Slams Bibi’s ‘Racist’ Rant

Was his comment really worse than American politicians’ electioneering?

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