Jesse Oxfeld

Jesse Oxfeld is Tablet Magazine’s publisher.

Jews Lose Nobel Prize

Literature award goes to Herta Mueller, not Oz or Roth

Gilad Shalit Is Alive

Video shows captured soldier looking healthy

Anne Frank, YouTuber

The famous diarist’s latest online presence

On Tablet Today

Anne Frank’s craft, Louis Brandeis’s Zionism, and books galore

Greetings From Washington, D.C.

Rosh Hashanah wishes from the prez

Remembering Teddy

Campaign aide-turned-AIPAC chief Thomas Dine remembers the 1980 presidential run

On Tablet Today

East Village tikkun olum, the annotated child, the end of the Mandate, and more

U.S. Jews Kvetch to U.S. Catholics

Are they trying to convert us?

Today on Tablet

Unbuilt synagogues, a gay-friendly Orthodox rabbi, and more

Barney Frank Swats Down Questioner

For comparing Obama’s health-care plans to Nazis

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