Joshua Cohen

Joshua Cohen is the author of Witz and, most recently, a collection of novellas, Four New Messages.

Adam Resurrected, Yoram Kaniuk (1971)

“I didn’t write it, God wrote it, and believe me, I tried to stop Him.”

The Jewish Government, Lamed Shapiro (1919)

A gimlet-eyed, Freud-inflected view of Jewish nature

Sefer Hasidim, Rabbi Judah of Regensburg (early 13th c.)

The twisted logic of Medieval German piousness


Tablet Original Fiction: Sent on a gruesome errand, a young man comes undone


Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish created a poetry of martyrdom for his people—and a political coup for the idea of the nakba

Yizkor, Book: On Yom Kippur, Offering a Blessing for the Life and Death of Books

On Yom Kippur, a day of remembrance, offering a blessing for the life and death of books

War Poet

In new translations of his poems about soldiers, disappearance, and life cycles, Israeli poet Yitzhak Laor uses biblical allusions, humor, and rage to explore the absurdities of modern Israeli life

Moving Pictures

A new translation of Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago unlocks the novel’s cinematic qualities


The Sabbath is but one of the Jewish contributions to the science of keeping time

Flying High

The novella ‘Union Jack’ offers Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertész in top form

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