Irin Carmon

Irin Carmon is a staff writer at Salon. Her Twitter feed is @irincarmon.

The Jewish Question Is Still Burning Up The Internet

What is the fuzz all about?

This Is How They Roll

The first step is getting in.

The Rise Of The “Partially Jewish”

Survey shows more Jews have “unconventional identity configurations”

Ratcheting Up Israeli Rhetoric On Syria

Israeli officials condemns the violence in Syria even as the end game remains unclear

Deportation Redux

Israel begins deporting and detaining non-refugee migrants.

David Arquette Is Finally A Man

There are no good David Arquette jokes.

Al Bundy Did Not Officiate

Huppah Dreams, the wedding of the week.

Mad Men’s Mixed Jewish Blessing

Mad Men lived up to its promise of a Jewish sixties, the tradeoffs of assimilation included.

Some Is Illuminated

Breaking the silence around sexual abuse, one Facebook post at a time

Israel’s Shifting Color Lines

A new film, 400 Miles to Freedom, follows Ethiopian immigrants who long to move to the Jewish state but find unexpected barriers upon arriving there

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