Irin Carmon

Irin Carmon is a staff writer at Salon. Her Twitter feed is @irincarmon.

Bringing Back “Self-Hating Jew”

A guide for the perplexed.

Elinor Ostrom Had the Last Laugh

Anti-Semites, sexists and snobs were no match for this Shivah Star

Is Birthright “Working”?

Higher levels of attachment to Israel based on youth and travel

Sobering Lessons From the Flotilla

Surprise: Flotilla raid was bungled behind the scenes.

This Is the “Good” Kind of Welfare

The myth of total community self-reliance

Your Salsa Judía Playlist

“They became great dancers, the Jews did.”

M&Ms Are the First Step To Making Jewish Babies

Sweet talk.

The Wailing Wall of Wichita

Actual alternate suggestion: The Via Dolorosa.

Sendak’s Vilde Chaya

Man is born a clown.

It’s Shimon Peres Day In Washington

Six crazy nights.

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