Gabriel Sanders

Gabriel Sanders, a Tablet contributing editor, is the director of public programs at the Museum of Jewish Heritage.

British Court Considers What Makes a Jew

And makes an observer proud to be an American, where there’s church-state separation

Intermarried Chicago Kids Won’t Get Grandpa’s Money

But will presented weird incentives for dad

Cash for Sewing Machines

What Obama’s trade-in program owes to the Singer company

Diary of a Self-Hating Jew

A day in the imagined life of David Axelrod

Canadian Writer Makes $3 Million

And some bold claims about Holocaust fiction


Lettuce-clad activists visit Capitol Hill, while videographers hit kosher plant

Of Hamas and Hummus

Did an Israeli interviewee actually get the better of Brüno?

Brüno May Dress Yiddish

But he thinks British

Queen Sarah?

Sarah Palin as a 21st-century Esther

Palin’s Jewish Successor

Democrat Ethan Berkowitz considers an Alaska run

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