Eddy Portnoy

Eddy Portnoy, a contributing editor for Tablet Magazine, teaches Yiddish language and literature at Rutgers University. He is the Academic Advisor at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research.

Divorce Court

Long before Jerry Springer, divorcing couples fought it out before Warsaw’s rabbinical court

Fine Young Criminal

The story of a yeshiva boy who turned to the gang life and lived to write about it

Big Man

The Coney Island attraction who made wrestling history

Manhood, Interrupted

The grisly aftermath of a broken engagement

Flexing Some Muscle

The boxers and strongmen who turned the image of the Jewish nebbish on its head

The Futurist

You might not have heard of Naftali Imber, but you’ve heard his most famous work

The Festive Meal

When Yom Kippur was a time to eat, drink, and be merry

Jewish Abortion Technician

After a young woman’s 1871 death, the press took aim at an immigrant from Plotsk

Grudge Match

When bris attendees turn into brawlers

In the Palm of His Hand

A look at Abraham Hochman, 19th-century Lower East Side clairvoyant

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