David Samuels

David Samuels, Tablet Magazine's literary editor, is a contributing editor at Harper’s Magazine and a longtime contributor to The Atlantic and The New Yorker.

Q&A: Benjamin Ginsberg, the Author of ‘How the Jews Defeated Hitler’

His thoughts on Jewish strength, Jewish weakness, and the secret history of the Judeo-Episcopate in America

Red Cavalry, Isaac Babel (1920s)

In Babel’s dark masterpiece, the Soviets fight the Poles and everybody hates the Jews

Herzog, Saul Bellow (1964)

The master’s most autobiographical, and therefore most Jewish, book

The Iron Tracks, Aharon Appelfeld (1998)

The greatest living Jewish writer tackles vengeance

The Ghetto Fights, Marek Edelman (1945)

A book that should be read at Yizkor

Ringelblum Archive (1944)

A time capsule from the Warsaw ghetto

Folk-Style Stories, I.L. Peretz (1908)

Tales that contain multitudes

Really the Blues, Mezz Mezzrow (1946)

The Jazz-playing, Jewish Johnny Appleseed of Weed

Correspondence, Walter Benjamin and Gershom Scholem (1992)

Marx and the Messiah in conversation

Did Vladimir Putin Bait a Trap for the United States in Damascus?

Why the Russian president has every reason to cross Barack Obama’s “red line” on Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East

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