Dan Klein

Daybreak: Ahmadinejad’s Expiration Date

Plus, Facebook lies, Salman on Grass and more in the news

Sundown: The Cruelest Cut of All

Plus Dada, Bukharians, and musical chairs

Study Writing at the Beach with Tablet & Friends

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Everything’s Coming Up Moses!

Come see Tablet’s Passover musical

She Can Dance If She Want To

Comment of the Week

Iran Covers Up Secret Weapon Program

How will Israel respond?

Daybreak: Invisible Cities in the West Bank

Plus, Iran’s concrete, French raids, and more in the news

Boteach To Run, Citing Marriage, Drugs

Ex-Chabad rabbi will seek Republican nomination for New Jersey district

Kosher Republican

Shmuley Boteach wants the government to extend blue laws and subsidize marriage counseling—and he’s running for Congress as a Republican

Sundown: Executive Producer In Chief

Plus, duck, duck, goose and more

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