David Kaufmann

David Kaufmann teaches literature at George Mason University.

Midrashic Sensibility

Rachel Blau DuPlessis and the poetry of textual reverence

Prefigurative Art

Poet Michael Heller wonders if the painter Max Beckmann foresaw the attacks of 9/11

Hyphenated Rhythms

Two Russian-Jewish-American poets illustrate the line between immigrant and exile

The Earthly Dreamer

Poet Edward Hirsch and the dignity of everyday existence

Sensible Swoons

Charles Bernstein and the poetry of antic glee

A Skeptic’s Skeptic

A new biography takes a look at Derrida’s philosophy of disillusionment

The Joke’s on God

Stanley Moss is either the most religiously profane or profanely religious poet around

Scribes and Scribblers

Poetry inspired by architecture, prophecy, and the immigration experience

Easy Reading

Straightforward or elliptical, poetry needn’t be hard

Starting Small

Tracing Hilary Putnam’s roadmap to God

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