Alana Newhouse

Alana Newhouse is the editor-in-chief of Tablet Magazine.

No. 58: Crossing Delancey

The other side of the tracks

No. 77: The Way We Were

Proto-Jewish feminism

Addario’s Apology

Ignoring failings, like the Addario incident, only helps Israel’s enemies

Welcome to Tablet 2.0

Our new and improved site


Rescue Me, ending a seven-year run on FX, was the best artistic engagement with Sept. 11, and with the wounds New York sustained that day

A Community To Be Proud Of, a Death To Mourn

Leiby Kletzky prompted Hasidic community’s finest, saddest hours

‘Goldblog’ Moving to Tablet

Contributing editor Jeffrey Goldberg to begin blogging here

Who Is The Most Jewish Designer?

(It’s probably not John Galliano)

Resignation Over John Galliano

I give up

A Plea on Behalf of John Galliano

With a cherry on top?

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