Alana Newhouse

Alana Newhouse is the editor-in-chief of Tablet Magazine.

Skirting the Issue?

Why discussing women, clothing, and religion isn’t a waste of time

Shylock Returns

Stephen Marche on hypocritical criticism of an Israeli theater group

Tattler Tale

Introducing new columnist Rachel Shukert

The Evil of Banality

On Andrew Adler’s idiocy, readers’ complicity, and Gawker’s irresponsibility

Paradise Lost?

A withering look at Venezuela’s besieged Jewish idyll

Kindle Single #1

And a new ‘Diasporist,’ today on Tablet

No. 5: The Jazz Singer

The struggle to be heard

No. 16: Meet the Parents

Intermarriage license

No. 21: Yentl

Returning to the source

No. 41: Funny Girl

Changing the face of ambitious women

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