Alexander Gelfand

Alexander Gelfand is a recovering ethnomusicologist, a sometime jazz pianist, and a former West African drummer. His work has appeared in the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Forward, and elsewhere.

Roots Music

A Lower East Side concert in memory of Dave Tarras, who helped invent klezmer

Ocean Pew

Though only a tiny fraction of what it was in the 18th century, Barbados’s Jewish community—and its 1750 synagogue—still stand proud

Food for Thought

There are more similarities between Jewish music and Jewish food than meets the ear

Hyphenated Sounds

Two bands cultivate the ‘Afro-Judaic’ aesthetic


A pair of Swiss musicians brought their Jewishness back from the dead

Treasure Trove

A new box set offers a taste of one of the world’s great Jewish music collections

Folk Fusion

Israeli expats are bringing the sounds of their youth to new jazz projects

Melancholy Melody

Kol Nidre gets me every time

Havana Nagila

New sounds in Jewish-Latin fusion

Shades of Gray

Duo opens new chapter in the history of black-Jewish collaboration

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