Abigail Miller

Abigail Miller is Tablet Magazine’s art director.

Emma Lazarus

Barney Ross

A powerful storyteller brings to life one of the most colorful boxers of the 20th century. Paperback release party August 8.

The Wicked Son

Anti-Semitism, Self-Hatred, and the Jews

Jews and Power

Marc Chagall

Benjamin Disraeli

American As Apple Pie

Tracing the bagel from its humble origins to its berry-tomato-poppy ominpresence

Bring the Noise

The brilliantly aggravating music and art of Mauricio Kagel

All About My Papa

A journalist unearths a book on Palestine—and his grandfather’s secret history

Solomon’s Son

Half a century ago, Albie Sachs sat defiantly on a bench designated “for non-whites only.” Today he sits on South Africa’s highest court.

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