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The Scroll

No. 82: Inglourious Basterds

Jews unleash hell on the Third Reich

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2009, dir. Quentin Tarantino. It took a goy to make the anti-Schindler’s List: cinema’s most cartoonishly potent Jewish revenge fantasy, in which a crack unit of Jewish Allied soldiers assassinate Hitler and Goebells, scalp Nazis, and otherwise unleash hell on the Third Reich. For decades to come, Jewish-studies doctoral candidates will be pondering Quentin Tarantino’s philo-Semitism and the semiotics of the Bear Jew. The rest of us may simply wish to revel in the movie’s deliciously over-the-top Tarantino-ness: the awesome Ennio Morricone music, the stupendous opening interrogation scene, and Christoph Waltz’s terrifying and hilarious Oscar-winning performance as “Jew Hunter” Hans Landa.

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Rick Solomon says:

The mamzer name is “Goebbels.”

not sure why my original comment was rejected. but i’d like to point out my disappointment that Schindler’s List is mocked in comparison to this film. Meanwhile, Schindler’s list is actually based on a true story and this film, while we all know is fiction, seems to reinforce a narrative that is very dangerous. namely, that their was a real hatred by US of Nazis because of the Nazi’s genocide of Jews. when in fact American Jews were silent for the most part to the european genocide, (while prominent American Jews were even against US involvement in WW2)and the CIA actually hired 10,000 Nazi officers and obstructed senior Nazi officers (like Eichman) from trial.

alottadreck says:

I absolutely agree!!! The opening scene is SENSATIONAL….the French actor deserved an oscar just for his reactions in the close-ups…Waltz got it just for this scene.
Loved the BearJew idea wish there was a lot more slaughter of Nazi’s in the movie.
IT WAS A LONG TIME COMING…Even if it was pretend facts…I will always love Tarrantino for this effort…shoulda gotten the oscar…He claimed the music was his idea to try for a spaghetti western feel!!!

PS: Christoph Waltz the great Nazi…actually has a son in Israel studying to be a Rabbi I believe.


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No. 82: Inglourious Basterds

Jews unleash hell on the Third Reich

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